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Sharon Been

About Sharon Been

Driven to Be Her Best. Personal mission statement to serve the needs of her clients and make a difference in their lives.

Sharon started in real estate with a very simple philosophy: 1) Know your market; 2) Know your clients; and 3) Be more concerned about your clients' needs than making a sale. This philosophy has been the key to her success.

Dedicated to Making A Difference: From the moment you meet her to the close of your transaction, Sharon works hard to communicate to you what will happen with every phase of your move. She makes the effort to educate her clients, so they can feel confident that the real estate decisions they make are sound.

Tell Sharon it can't be done and watch her eyes light up at the challenge as she rolls up her sleeves and springs into action.

Experience You Can Count On: With over 38 years of experience in the real estate industry, including 10 years of prior experience in legal contract law, Sharon clearly communicates options and presents pertinent information needed to make sound decisions. She is also a skilled negotiator, known for finding solutions that satisfy all parties involved.

Her long-standing relationships with the local professionals - from contractors to escrow officers to home inspectors - gives her clients an edge when it comes to connecting with necessary information and resources in order to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

So, if you want to make sure something gets done, just put it on Sharon and Shelley's to-do list! And, when you're ready to make your next move, these driven professionals will help you reach your goals and make your move... AN EXTRAORDINARY EXPERIENCE!!!

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